Day of Collection Quick Guide

Day of Collection Notification

Collection plan changes can impact the patient and transplant schedule. If a collection is not going as planned, timely and effective communication is required so the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP)/Be The Match® can notify all impacted parties and ensure plans can be adjusted.

Contact the NMDP/Be The Match on collection day if:

  • Pre-apheresis platelet count on Day 1 is < 120 x 109/L or on Day 2 is <80 x109/L
  • There are concerns the transplant center’s requested CD34+ count will not be met
  • Unplanned central line is needed
  • Donor experiences a serious adverse event

When in doubt, report the situation

Timely reporting is critical

Email the completed NMDP Day of Collection Notification Form to

To report an issue:

Use the NMDP Day of Collection Notification (F01095) formwhenever possible. Access the form at:

At a minimum, communication should include the following information:

  • GRID
  • Recipient weight in kg
  • Requested total CD34+ (x 106)
  • Donor’s pre-apheresis labs
    • Platelet count (x 109/L)
    • Absolute CD34+ (cells/uL)
    • If absolute CD34+ is not available:
      • WBC (x 109/L)
      • Peripheral CD34+ %
  • Collection progress
    • Current donor status/tolerance
    • Total number of liters processed at time of notification
    • Planned total number of liters to be processed
  • Who to contact with questions or for updates (name, email, & phone number)

To obtain the form, email or call 888-510-1808 during business hours or 763-406-4400 outside business hours or on holidays.


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