Donor Clearance Quick Guide

Prior to making suitability determination, be sure to check

Is this donor suitable and eligible to proceed with stem cell collection? A thorough review* is critical to the safety of both donors and patients.

  • Complete GRID
  • Two identifiers on all documents
  • Unit of measurement for weight (lb/kg), height (in/cm), and body temperature (F/C) on the PE report
  • Medications are consistent across HHSQ, PE report, filgrastim or similar order, and Epi-Pen order

If corrections or clarifications are needed, please work with your DC representative

  • HHSQ, SDAQ, and PE report answers are complete
  • Final lab report with all test results and reference ranges
  • Signatures on the HHSQ and the SDAQ from all parties
  • Corrections per current good tissue practice (cGTP)

Collaborate and communicate when

  • Repeat labs are ordered for the donor
  • New or updated donor information is gathered
  • There are any clearance concerns

*A thorough review is not limited to the elements listed on this document.



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