Product Labeling Quick Guide

Are the Stem Cells ready for transport?

Ensuring the highest levels of accuracy for the safety and benefit of donors and patients.

Ready, set, label and…

Have source documents in hand when labeling:

  • NMDP Verification
  • Declaration of Eligibility
  • STAR Link Tracking Sheet
  • Procedure record
  • Laboratory worksheet

…tag the product

Declaration of Eligibility is the source of truth when it comes to determining if you need a biohazard tag and which tag to use

  • Biohazard Warning Tag 1 – IDMs or donor health records incomplete / not performed
  • Biohazard Warning Tag 2 – Positive IDMs indicate possible RCDAD risk
  • Biohazard Warning Tag 3 – Donor health records indicate possible RCDAD risk

Last name, first name

  • Flipping recipient’s first and last name is a common error
  • It is listed on Tracking Sheet as (FIRST LAST) and should be listed on label as (LAST, FIRST)

When in doubt, read it out

  • GRID is 19 digits, RID is 7 digits. It’s easy to get one digit wrong! Take is slowly and check multiple times
  • Read numerical identifiers like GRID and RID out loud to a verifier, and then have the verifier read them back

Here comes the courier



  • ISBT 128 Label adhered to bag


  • Additional Product Information tie tag – *both sides*
  • Biohazard Tag (if applicable)


  • Circular of Information
  • Declaration of Eligibility
  • Donor IDMs
  • Record of Packaging & Receipt


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