Frequently Asked Questions

We’re experts and we’re here to help answer some common questions relating to your donation day.

Your donation day is important to you and to us

What it means to be a donor

Here’s important information you should know about donating at an NMDP℠ Collection Center

NMDP℠ has you covered

You are essential in our mission to find a cure. NMDP℠ will cover 100% of donor expenses because we know it’s a big commitment to become a donor.

Travel expenses

Airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, and meals are covered for you and your companion.

Personal & professional expenses

Expenses relating to your personal and professional life will be covered, including childcare, pet boarding and lost wage reimbursement.

Medical expenses

Any medical expenses that result from being a donor, including lab tests, appointments and the donation procedure will be covered by NMDP℠.

What to expect on the day of donation

We’re here to help you plan the personalized logistics of your donation day. Below are some commonly asked questions that relate to donating at any of our NMDP℠ Collection Centers.

Frequently asked questions

Who will be helping me while I’m at the NMDP℠ Collection Center?

On donation day, your Donor Experience Specialist has your back. They’ll help you get as comfortable as possible—with pillows, blankets, snacks and entertainment. You’ll also have a team of medical professionals to answer your questions and ensure your donation goes smoothly and safely.

What should I wear on my donation day?

You should dress in layers of loose-fitting, comfortable clothing like sweatpants and t-shirts. Your blood stem cell donation will take about 4-6 hours.

How will I be positioned during my donation?

During donation, you’ll be seated in a reclining chair. We’ll offer you pillows and blankets to keep you comfortable. Donors should expect to have minimal mobility of both arms during the donation process.

Can I eat during my donation?

We encourage you to eat breakfast before you arrive on donation day. If requested, we can provide lunch for you and your companion. Your meals are reimbursable so be sure to save your receipts. Snacks and refreshments will be provided throughout your donation.

Will I be able to have a companion in my room?

Yes, your companion can stay with you on collection day. NMDP℠ Collection Centers may change their policies based on current public health guidelines and regulations. Your Donor Experience Specialist will inform you of the latest guidelines.

What happens to my donation after my donation day?

After your donation, your blood stem cells will be delivered to your patient. Your healthy stem cells will replace their entire blood and immune system—it’s pretty incredible!

How long is a typical recovery?

The night of donation day is for resting. Most donors can return to normal activities the day after donation.

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