NMDP℠ Collection Centers

You are essential to finding a cure.

Welcome to a donor experience designed for a brighter tomorrow.


Now, let’s set that ‘yes’ in motion

At NMDP℠, we are guided by a belief, an optimism and a mission. When you agreed to donate your blood stem cells, immediately you became a part of our international team, providing hope to a patient, their family, friends and even their community. Now, it’s our mission, together. That’s why we’ve thoughtfully crafted every detail of your donor experience at our state-of-the-art facilities across the country. Only the best for our team of life-saving donors like you.

We’re committed to you

The best care, down to the smallest detail

NMDP℠ Collection Centers are clinical settings like none you’ve seen before. They’re warm, comfortable and set-up just for you. We want your donation day to be the best day possible. At an NMDP℠ Collection Center, you’ll have a team of medical professionals providing you with a high standard of care and ready to answer your every question.

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What to expect

You are our main priority

We’re building a better tomorrow because you came to our aid. You’re our VIP and here’s where we show it. A dedicated Donor Experience Specialist will answer any questions you have to ensure you feel at ease (and have fun!). You answered the life-saving call. Now let us take care of the rest. Have a question about your to-do list prior to procedure day? Looking for a tip on the best grilled cheese sandwich in the area? Look no further.

We can’t wait to meet you

We’ll find the right location for you

With locations across the country, including our NMDP℠ Collection Centers shown here, we will work to schedule your donation day at the location that is best for you and the patient.


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